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dropster is an instant photo album

Or, can be, among so many other things. The fresh integration of lightbox2 makes uploaded zip archives into instant, cuddly photo albums ? without setup or registration. Give it a spin or upload your own.

During the last week, we have added some nifty features to our one-click file-hosting solution. The two major additions are an embeddable upload form and a new page with link formats, including a flash player for audio and fideo files.The new, embeddable upload form can now be part of an extended process like e.g the checkout pages of an online shop or an issue tracking system.

This should serve the growing number of digital print shops who want to provide their clients with an easy-to-integrate solution for file uploads.

The form is integrated with an IFRAME, using the following format:

<iframe src=?http://SUBDOMAIN.dropster.org/embed?next=http://YOUR-PAGE&order_id=4711? width=?360? height=?360? scrolling=?no? frameborder=?0? />

You can choose an arbitrary subdomain for this. The first time you invoke this FORM, you are asked to claim this subdomain by providing a valid email address. Upload notifications automatically go to this address (and nothing else :-) ). The parameter ??next?? is replaced into the message you provide when claiming your domain. Your message could look like this:

??Sie können weitere Dateien hochladen oder die Bestellung abschließen.??

All additional URL parameters (e.g. an order id) are passed through to this address. In addition, it receives the list of dropster tokens.

Please contact me if you want to try this in your application and need a helping hand.

Another recent addition is a separate page which provides handy link formats and an easy to use flash player for audio and video files. After upload, just click on the new link in the yellow box.